How to Stake With SafuNetDEX

We call Safu network  stakers Only stakers  who stake SAFU, BNB,USDT,BUSD,SAFUC on the BINANCE SMART CHAIN. 

Stakers via Stake with SAFUNETDEX, will be able to reap the maximum benefits because of the unique design on SAFU DEX STAKING POOL.
If you are ready to begin staking and become part of SAFU DEX stakers, you will first need to Sign up and you immediately Get a $20 SAFUC WELCOME BONUS for Registration. 

To start staking your  token (for the first time), follow these simple steps:

      1. Sign up here  if you are not registered

      1. Go to  login and find your dashboard, Then go to  STAKING homepage 

    • 4.
      1. Select Staking Pool  On your wish ( Period) make sure to check all staking period and their minimum amount required as they all have different APY % and Minimum amount required. You can top up any bigger amount from the Minimum required. 
      2. 4. Now Click      STAKE      

      1. 1. You will see the wallet address that you can send your coin to, - select it and copy or click the bellow button and  COPY ADDRESS

      2. 1. Now, go back to your wallet app that you are holding your asset and transfer the AMOUNT are willing to stake and send  to that address. 

      3. Now, after your transfer is successful, copy your Transaction ID and go back to your Staking area/ Dashboard.

      4. Now Input the amount of  the token that you are staking, this is the exact amount  that you have transfered.

      1. Now, Bellow the amount, Input your transaction ID for our system to immediately valide your transaction.
    • 5.
      1. Click on     CONFIRM STAKING    

    • 6.
      1. Now, you have got the message that you have successfully staked. Press on Return to the main menu and check your staking, if it is not yet sivisible in your staking, please allow the system to check and validate your transaction, You will see your staking Amount in few minutes if not in Few seconds.

    • 7.
      Once the transaction is confirmed, click dashboard button and select your coin from the list to see your stakings.

    • 8.Now, lerax and Enjoy seeing your money growing on daily basis.

    You can Stake as many times as you want and as different coin as you want, also as different staking pool as you wish. All your Reward will be visible together in your reward area but the system will give you reward depending on each and every staked pool.

How to Unstake :

    • 3.
      Navigate to the unstaking area.

    • 4.
      The page shows the withdrawal methods, chose your token/coin that you want to withdraw

    • The page also shows you the available amount of the asset that you want to withdraw, Now type the amount that you wish to withdraw, by Respecting minimum required.

    • Paste the address from BEP20 where you want to sent your asset to. 
    • 5.
      and Click Unstake and confirm your transaction.

Once you've clicked Unstake, the unstaked amount goes through a 1-30 min unbonding period for the system to validate your untaking. This means you can only get the unstaked amount 1-30 min AFTER you click Unstake. 
 If the amount is not arrived  within 1-2hours,  users would have to contact support  to  check for you and complete the transaction in easy way. 

You can see your withdraw transaction under this section and know the status of your withdraw.

NOTE THAT, THE HIGHER AMOUNT YOU STAKE, THE BIGGER THE  PASSIVE INCOME (PROFIT) YOU GET.                                                                                                                                 STAKE NOW

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