Why is it not profitable to keep money in cash?

While your money is just lying in a safe place it depreciates due to inflation. Annual inflation in Africa is around 7%, In Europe, annual inflation is 7.4%, in US, it is up to 8.5% and in china  it is where is still low at 2.2% and in Russia is up to 18-22% while in Ukraine is over to 24%. That means, that in a year a stash of $10,000 will lose its -$700 in africa, and far over -2400$ in Ukraine while in the US will fall up to -850$. And just in three years, it may be more than -$72,00 in Ukraine Which is huge lose by keeping your money in your hands. 

Money shouldn’t just lie down, they should bring more money!

What to do with your money? You have two options; put them to the bank account or invest them in to Staking pool like SAFUNETDEX STAKING PROGRAM

1st Option. The Bank. The goal is to save the money without any risk of losing them. The interest rate of the bank will cover affected money by inflation. Fully or partially, depending on interest rate and inflation percent.

Thats all. 

2nd Option. SAFUNETDEX STAKING PROGRAM. The goal is to raise its holder’s funds with minimal risk. You can stake your money in SAFUNETDEX STAKING and double or even triple up to 300% in that 3years where you might lose them in your hands or retain your initial capital in the Bank.  ! The More risk - more Return, with SAFUNETDEX STAKING, there is near zero risk. The only risk will be when you lose or forget your credentials. 

Now let’s compare the difference in how much money you will have, if you Stake in  SAFUNETDEX STAKING

With a sum of $10,000, after 3 years, the difference could be around $20,000 if you stake, because we have staking pool up to 100% and 300% APY. 

Isn't it good plan to stake ? Think again and chose wisely.

By Conclusion: keep your money if you are not ready to multiplying them, but be aware of inflation and losing even more. We are waiting for true stake in our staking program, lets together multiply the money we hold for nothing. 


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2. I will hold my cash and Accept Inflation rate

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